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In the Frrud Cellar, located in the old town centre of Altamura, every detail is a legacy of local history. Original artefacts from the past century, now carefully restored, come to life through the tales of their two young rescuers. The place is full of history, and the passion you can taste in the wines and in the local produce line the experience with a multiplicity of emotions. The wine is the absolute leader of a journey through time, telling us stories about nature, and of an ever-changing land.



Primitivo di Puglia

This is the story of the hands that harvest the grapes, taking from them the very essence of the surrounding nature while preserving every sunbeam, every flower, leaving the inspiring fragrance untouched. It is the story of the harmony between man and nature, captured into a wine that gifts us with a different experience from one year to the next.


Primitivo di Puglia

Rà smells like traditions honoured through the centuries. This wine proves that even the smallest gift from nature can turn into a unique event. Made from hand-harvested racemes, Rà is one of the masterpieces of the vineyard. It encapsulates the magic of this land, rendered inside and outside the bottle.


Primitivo di Puglia

1572 is made of the same substance of dreams. This wine is full of the fragrances of nature, rich like the passion and strength of its producers. It is a dream engraved in stone, and passed into the wood that embellishes the bottle. Unique, just like the feelings it can give.


Wines are reminiscences of a slow attitude that allows men and nature to embrace in an unbreakable bond. 
Wine colours and fragrances melt into emotions from ancient, local traditions to enhance the natural expression of Altamura and its surrounding area, through a selection of local products.

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