Primitivo Red Wine I.G.P Puglia 2017


WINE TYPE: Red still
GRAPEVINE: Primitivo 100%
AREA OF CULTIVATION: Altamura (BA) Apulia (IT)
YEAR: 2017
TYPE OF SOIL: Calcareous, dark in color with moderate presence of stone chippings
TYPE OF LABELING: With the earth (made by a young Altamura artist)
COLOUR: Intense deep ruby
N° BOTTLES PRODUCED: 300 da 0,75l standard

FARMING AND PRODUCTION: Low grown and Guyot pruning system; The best shoots are selected during the pruning, and if necessary the bunches are thinned out during the veraison phase. These activities are done by hand; they are necessary to aerate and expose the bunches to the sun, to prevent the grapes from developing diseases caused by rain and humidity. The vineyards are completely free from chemical processing with fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, except from copper and sulphur. The vineyard gets its nourishment from the organic matter from the green manuring of spring flowers, wild grass, and vine shoots from the pruning from the previous winter.
HARVEST AND WINEMAKING: Strictly done by hand, normally in the second decade of October, employing plastic crates. The grapes are quickly crushed and de-stemmed automatically. The fermentation starts spontaneously with the aid of native yeasts without exposing the must to controlled temperatures. After a time spanning from 10 to 15 days to trigger the alcoholic fermentation, soft pressing ensures racking. The obtained must is put to age into steel tanks for a period of 8 to 10 months. The ageing process then continues inside the bottle.
FRAGRANCE: Elegant and complex, with the predominance of small black, ripe fruit (wild blackberry, red currant, and clack bilberries), hints of reined, spicy aromas (liquorice and tobacco) light toasted almonds and little coffee in the background.
TASTE: Full bodies and soft and harmonic on the palate, rich in velvet smooth sensations. Presence of novel tannins, Persuasive wine for meditation, full of vigor and potency, and long palate.
FEATURES: wine from secondary grapes shoot called “femminelle or racemi”, bottles aged in natural stone cave.

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