The Wine Museum

The Frrud Cellars project started about three years ago in Altamura. It is the result of the dream of two young men. The best words to describe them are passion and determination. Passion allowed them to strongly believe in the possibilities offered by their homeland, and determination gave them the will to persist and recover a place with huge historic value. They have given it back to the city, and to the future generations. Paolo Colonna and Donato Scalera did not start off as wine specialists, but the love they share for their land, and their passion for restoring ancient places of the local culture, inspired them to start this project. This task took well over a year. The common desire was to bring back to life –as accurately as possible- all the objects which had remained in the structure during the 70 years of its inactivity. This is how one century old objects came back to life in a Cellar where you can clearly see the passage of generations of men who really did live and use that place and those objects.

History, passion, and dream become real in the very moment the land, with its perfume and its essence, returns to fill the building in the shape of the wines that fill the cellar. Back to its ancient home, wine gives this place a new life, and tells us a story about respect for ancient traditions, and about the recovery of winemaking techniques. Moreover, it enhances the beauty and power of a 100% organic produce. Today, the Frrud cellar is an open museum Impossible not to feel moved by the stories of these two young men, and feel stirred by the displayed objects and produce. It is not a mere tour: rather, it is a sensorial experience arising from the living land, springing from the young owners, and reaching into every visitor’s heart.


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